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Nail Gels Fingers and Toes

Nail Gels Fingers and Toes

CND SHELLAC - is a revolutionary colour system for nails which gives you 14-day wear, non chip, non smudge, zero dry time, high gloss mirror finish for your nails.

Often mistaken for a gel polish, CND Shellac has similar qualities and is known as a power polish.  CND Shellac is also hypo-allergenic and ‘3-free’, meaning it is free from formaldehyde, toluene and DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate).

Bio Sculpture Gel - The original gel manicure, is a chip-free salon treatment that cures to a strong yet flexible glossy finish lasting weeks. The nails are prepared by shaping the edge of the nail and tidying up the cuticle area.  The nail plate is not filed away or damaged. There is a choice of clear, colour or French finish gel and this is applied using a small brush. Each layer is cured under a UV light, finishing with a lovely glossy finish.


Treatments and Prices

Shellac Nails

  • Shellac Colour Gel or French

    Your nails are filed and shaped. Cuticles are tidied up. The actual nail plate is NOT filed, drilled or damaged in any way. CND Shellac is applied similar to a nail polish, a base coat, two layer of colour and a super high shine top coat. All layers are cured in a specail UV lamp to 'set'. By the time we've finished, your nails are dry and ready to go.

  • Soak off MY work only. Followed by a nail shape & cuticle tidy up. The nails are left bare.


    If you are having a CND Shellac colour reapplied, the £10 soak off is not charged.


Bio-Sculpture Gel Nails

  • Bio Sculpture Colour or French

    Your nails are filed and shaped. Cuticules are tidied up. The nail plate is not filed, drilled or damaged in any way.

    Bio Sculpture gel is applied with a brush and usually consists of a base coat, two layers of colour, a top coat, finishing with a UV gel to give a shine and protect the gel from sun light. All layers are 'set' in a UV lamp. Once finished, your nails are dry and good to go.

  • Bio Sculpture Nail shape & cuticle tidy up

    Soak off MY work only.  Followed by a nail shape & cuticle tidy up. The nails are left bare.


    If you are having another set of Bio Sculpture gels, the £10 soak off charged in not applied.


Nail Gel info

Additional information

What to do before treatment

To ensure your treatment is as effective as possible, in the 24 hours before treatment

  1. Make sure your nails are free of lacqueur
  2. Do not use moisturisers or oil-based substances on your nails

What to do after treatment

Your Gel will last longer if you follow the following advice:

  1. Avoid doing jobs that are rough on your hands, such as household cleaning, gardening and any tough hobbies.   At the very least, protect your hands and nails with a good pair of gloves, especially when handling cleaning products.
  2. Do not pick or pull at your nails – even if it has chipped. You could damage your natural nail.  Ring for advice.
  3. Check whether your sun tan oil or insect repellant contains DEET as this can damage the Gel colour.
  4. Invest in some Solar Oil for Shellac Nails and rub it into your nails at least twice a day.
  5. Use an acetone free nail polish remover when removing nail polish which you may have applied over your Shellac colour.
  6. Make a return appointment to have your gel professionally removed or ask about a home removal kit.