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Environ Skin Care Ethos

Ever since Cleopatra took milk baths to preserve her beauty, it has been the quest of women to improve their skin and delay the effects of ageing. Men took a while longer to catch on but now more than ever the male market is realising the importance of protecting and caring for their skins. Many advertisements for skin care brands today make unsubstantiated claims of eternal youth, promoting fad ingredients that are made out to be miracle cures. Consumers are no longer fooled by glamorous photos of air-brushed celebrity beauties, but are looking for products that offer real results and a glowing, healthy radiance. Environ's vision has always been to make the best skin care in the world, through a philosophy of well researched, scientific skin care. Our products are effective, proven, cost-effective and inspired through teamwork. As a brand we value and perform extensive research and development to offer our consumers exceptional skin care products. We strive on integrity and keeping the meaningful promises we make to our consumers by offering the most effective skin care range that science permits.

All Environ Skin Care Treatments & Facials

All Environ facials use the highest quality ingredients, vitamins A, C & E, peptides and antioxidants. All of which are essential to repair and maintain healthy skin. All the facials below are tailored to your own personal skin requirements (prescriptive) and the following skin concerns can be addressed:
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Lines & Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Scarring
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Dry or Dehydrated Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Acne or Congested Skin
  • Dull or Sluggish Skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Broken Capillaries
  • High Colour
  • Loss of Elasticity
  • Improving condition and health of the skin
  • Following a detailed consultation, a personalised programme combining homecare products and facial treatments can be devised and agreed upon. Many skin conditions see excellent results in a short space of time. Some skin conditions however, will take commitment, time and patience from both the client and therapist, during the consultation this will be fully discussed. Environ Skincare is very much a results driven.

    Environ products cannot be sold online due to the active nature of the ingredients. A full consultation is required to establish the correct products for your skin.

    Indulgence Facial - 50 mins£45
    Using active levels of Environ ingredients and vitamins, this treatment follows the lines of a more traditional facial of pampering and relaxing, whilst improving the skin. The end result will leave your skin feeling fresh and radiant. This facial is suitable for anyone whether they are using Environ homecare products or not.
    Express Facial 25mins£30
    Focusing on the deep cleansing stage of the facial. This stand alone treatment is for anyone whose skin is in need of a thorough cleanse. Extraction where appropriate. The face is deep cleansed and steamed with a hot towel, extraction and finished with Environ moisturiser.
    Advanced Active Vitamin Treatment 75-90min£70
    Packed with nourishing anti-ageing ingredients, this facial will leave your skin looking radiant and dewy. The freshest, most active forms of Vitamin A, C and anti-oxidants are driven deep into the skin using state-of-the-art technology, where they are utilised by your skin cells. This is a prescriptive facial and the salon products used will depend on your own skin type and current homecare routine.
    The Hydraboost Treatment 60 - 75 mins£80
    The perfect antidote to dry, lacklustre skin, this intensive treatment deeply hydrates, plumps and firms the skin. Based on Hyaluronic Acid, which holds 1000 times its own weight in water, it helps to reduce fine lines caused by hydration and increases the youthful plumpness of the dermis. Your skin will also feel moisturised and radiant.
    Frown Lines & Crows Feet Treatment 45-60 mins£80
    This highly effective treatment uses a special penta-peptide serum to target frown lines & crows feets. The unique combination of ingredients is driven deep into the skin to soften lines and reduce muscle tension in the forehead helping to prevent new lines forming. The treatment targets the same chemical complexes as injectables without the associated risk and facial expressions are maintained. For optimum results the use of the home Roll-CIT is highly recommended during the facial. For continued results combine the Roll-CIT with Frown Serum at home. Both items can be purchased in the salon.
    Collagen Power Facial 75-90mins £90
    A unique serum using 3 powerful Peptides are used to improve the skin tone, elasticity, overall appearance., fine lines are softened. In addition Vitamin A&C and anti-oxidants are added to the facial to create one of the best all round facials. All the products used are driven deep into the skin using state-of-the-art technology, where they are utilised by your skin cells to great effect. This is a prescriptive facial and the salon products used will depend on your own skin type and current homecare routine
    The Ultimate Active Vitamin Treatment - 90-105mins£90
    Bringing the Active Vitamin Treatment together with one of the speciality treatments to create the Ultimate Active Vitamin Treatment. This is a prescriptive treatment and therefore personal and quite wide ranging. Examples of this type of treatment are:
    • Active Vitamin Treatment + Hydraboost Treatment
    • Active Vitamin Treatment + Frown Lines & Crows Feet Treatment
    • Active Vitamin Treatment + Pigmentation Reduction
    • Active Vitamin Treatment + Extra Deep Cleanse
    Cool Peel Treatment 1hr £65
    This revolutionary approach to peeling achieves incredible results without damaging the skin. Low strength Lactic Acid is used to reduce the skin’s PH and trigger the release of growth factors, which creates smoother tighter skin. For clients with acne skin or Rosacea, lactic acid destroys the bacteria that acne thrives on. It boosts hydration and removes the build up of dead skin cells, helping to decongest the surface of the skin and smooth its texture. It is recommended for acne/Rosacea clients that a daily lower strength Cool Peel is used as part of your homecare routine to prevent the build up of bacteria.
    Décolleté Treatment 20 minsAdd 50% to the prices above
    All of the above treatments can also be carried out on the décolleté area (upper chest). This is very similar skin type to the face and ages in the same way. The décolleté area can be included any of the above facial treatments at an extra 50% charge. It is always recommended that the décolleté area is included in your homecare routine.
    Teenage Skin Consultation & Express Facial£30
    Problem skin in teenagers can cause all sorts of worries and it is often difficult to know the best way to successfully treat the skin. Many over the counter products are too harsh and can exacerbate the situation. There are several options available with Environ Skincare and Advance Vitamin Programme. Whilst receiving the Express Facial, advice will be given for homecare based upon working within the realms of what is realistic and manageable.
    Purifying Treatment 30 mins£45
    Created to deep cleanse, purify and rehydrate your skin, this treatment helps improve acne scarring and keep cleanse congested skin. The combination of scientifically advanced products and techniques revives and refreshes your skin, leaving your skin feeling like new.


    Environ Facial Treatments


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